Hydraulic Oils

Our world class hydraulic oils meet wide ranging needs including high viscosity index, anti-wear properties and protection against rust and oxidation.

Hyspin VG Series : Hydraulic and lubricating oils requiring non AW specification. Applications such as bearing, gears, pumps engines, turbines, cylinders, spindles and compressors. (ISO 10-22)

Hyspin AWS Series : Hydraulic oils for use in gear, vane radial piston, and axial piston pumps where pressures and speeds require anti-wear oils and are specified by equipment and manufacturers. (ISO32-150)

Hyspin AWH M Series : Systems requiring high viscosity index fluids, cold and/or wide temperature systems. (ISO 15-100)

Hyspin HLP Series : Use in system where high oxidation stability and lubrication performance as required.


HYSPIN VG 10 Mineral Hydraulics Mineral 10
HYSPIN VG 22 Mineral Hdraulics Mineral 22
HYSPIN AWS 32 Mineral Hydraulics Mineral 32
HYSPIN AWS 46 Mineral Hydraulics Mineral 46
HYSPIN AWS 68 Mineral Hydraulics Mineral 68
HYSPIN AWS 100 Mineral Hydraulics Mineral 100
HYSPIN AWS 150 Mineral Hydraulics Mineral 150
HYSPIN AWH M 15 High VI Hydraulics Mineral 15
HYSPIN AWH M 32 High VI Hydraulics Mineral 32
HYSPIN AWH M 46 High VI Hydraulics Mineral 46
HYSPIN AWH M 68 High VI Hydraulics Mineral 68
HYSPIN AWH M 100 High VI Hydraulics Mineral 100
HYSPIN AWH M 150 High VI Hydraulics Mineral 150
HYSPIN HLP 32 Ashless Hydraulics Mineral 32
HYSPIN HLP 46 Ashless Hydraulics Mineral 46
HYSPIN HLP 68 Ashless Hydraulics Mineral 68