General Lubricants (Castrol)

Castrol Mineral / Synthetic Gear Oils

Alpha SP Series:
Good load carrying capacity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, foam resistance, and wear protection (ISO 68-680)

Castrol Alphasyn EP 150,220,320 and 460
A range of synthetic polyalphaolefin based lubricants with excellent extreme pressure properties for gearboxes operating under high temperature, load and vibration conditions.

Castrol Alphasyn PG 150,220,320 and 460
A range of synthetic polyalkylene glycol based lubricants for high severity worm gearboxes and for spur, spural and bevel gear lubrication where working temperatures are high.

Castrol Hydraulic Oils

Hyspin VG Series:
Hydraulic and lubricating oils requiring non AW specification. Applications such as bearing, gears, pumps engines, turbines, cylinders, spindles and compressors. (ISO 10-22)

Hyspin AWS Series:
Hydraulic oils for use in gear, vane radial piston, and axial piston pumps where pressures and speeds require anti-wear oils and are specified by equipment and manufacturers. (ISO32-150)

Hyspin ZZ Series:
Non-zinc containing anti-wear hydraulic and circulating oil. Good oxidation stability, Denison HF-0 vickers 35VQ25, Cincinnati Lamb. (ISO 46-68)

Hyspin AWH M Series:
Systems requiring high viscosity index fluids, cold and/or wide temperature systems. (ISO 15-100)

Castrol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Anvol WG Series:
May be used in vane, gear or piston pumps with pressures up to 3000psi. See full product data sheet for seal, metal and filter compatibility. (ISO 46)

Castrol Slideway Lubricants

  • Magna GC 32
  • Magna BD 68
  • Magna CF 220

Magna Slideway oils incorporate tackiness and lubricity additives for good carrying performance. BD 68 meets Cincinnati Lamb and CF 220 meets P-50.

Castrol Compressor Oils

Aircol PD Series:
For use in reciprocating and rotary air compressors. (ISO 32-100)

Aircol SR Series:
For use in rotary screw compressors operating under severe conditions, or under normal conditions where extended drain intervals are required. (ISO 46-68)

Aircol SN Series:
For use in high pressure reciprocating air compressors. (ISO 68-100)

Castrol Turbine Oils

Perfecto T Series:
For use of lubrication of gas, steam and water turbines.

Castrol Heat Transfer Oils

Perfecto HT 5:
Designed for use in heat transfer systems.

Castrol EDM Fluids

Ilocut EDM 401:
For use as dielectric medium for electrode discharge machines.

Castrol Greases

Spheerol EPL 2:
General purpose greases designed for plant-wide lubrication.

Spheerol SX 2:
Grease designed for providing a high degree of resistance to water wash-out and protection to components in wet environment.

Castrol Quenching Oils

Iloquench 32:
General heat treatment process for bolts and nuts, ball bearings and spring steel.

Iloquench 395:
Suitable for hardening of medium carbon and low alloy steels, and quenching of carbonised or carbonised components.

Castrol Soluble Coolants

Alusol SL 51 XBB:
High performance soluble metalworking fluid which is boron, biocide and chlorine fee. Suitable for wide range materials and application results in product consolidation.

Clearedge 6519:
Semi synthetic metalworking fluid for grinding and machining of aluminium alloys and low medium alloyed steel.

Cooledge B.1:
High mineral oil containing soluble metalworking fluid for low medium alloy steel and aluminium alloys.

Hysol X:
High performance soluble metalworking for machining of low medium alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys.

Hysol XRR:
Soluble metalworking fluid for machining of low medium alloy steel, high alloyed steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. Rolls Royce approve for grinding aerospace components.

Hysol XEP:
High performance chlorine free, high EP containing semi-synthetic metalworking fluid for machining of low medium alloy steel, high alloy steel and aluminium alloys.

Hysol MB 50:
Semi synthetic, chlorine and sulphur free metalworking fluid specially designed to provide superior performance on aerospace and automotive aluminium.

Castrol Synthetic Coolants

Syntilo 1023:
Oil-dispersing, mineral oil free synthetic metalworking fluid for machining and grinding of ferrous materials. It is especially recommended for cast iron transfer lines. Its unique oil dispersing characteristic reduces corrosion and prevents clinkering.

Syntilo 9902:
Mineral oil free, metalworking fluid for general machining and grinding for ferrous metal.

Syntilo 81E:
A general purpose grinding fluid for ferrous materials.

Syntilo 9913:
A pH neutral heavy duty machining fluid suitable for most machining operations on aluminium alloys and other aerospace alloys.

Syntilo CR 90:
High performance, low foaming, mineral oil free synthetic metalworking fluid especially designed for tungsten carbide grinding with high resistance to cobalt leaching.

Castrol Neat Cutting & Grinding Oils

SHGF 15:
A dual purpose oil for precision grinding and super finishing honing operation.

Honilo 480:
General honing operations, where a high degree of finish is required.

Ilocut 170:
Deep hole drilling and boring on steels, nickel alloys and non-ferrous materials.

Ilocut 534:
High performance chlorinated deep drilling oil for difficult alloys.

Ilocut 152:
General machining of non-ferrous metal and free cutting steels.

Ilocut 154:
Chlorine-free neat oil developed for machining medium alloyes steels and non-ferrous metals in multi-spindle automatics.

Ilocut 155:
Chlorine-free neat oil for multi spindle automatics, capstan and turret lathes cutting medium tensile steel and other non-ferrous materials.

Ilocut 155SC:
Precision high speed operations for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Ilocut 282:
Suitable for multiple milling, threading, multi-spindle automatic lathe work.

Ilocut 480A:
Chlorine-free neat oil for repetition machining of non-ferrous metals particularly high speed short cycle operations.

Ilocut 486:
Chlorined neat oil for general machining, grinding, broaching and gear cutting of high alloyed steels, compatible with non-ferrous metals.

Ilocut 603:
Suitable for automatic lathe work, gear cutting, threading and tapping of high tensile steels.

Ilocut 606:
Chlorine-free neat oil for multi-spindle lathes on medium tensile steels.

Universal 430:
Chlorinated neat oil for medium duty cutting operations for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, also suitable as a hydraulic fluid and machine tool lubricant.

Castrol Tube Drawing & Pilgering

Iloform TDN 81:
Heavy duty, chlorinated outer lube. Heavy duty deep drawing oil.

Automotive Stamping

Iloform AE 46:
Medium viscosity neat oil for medium duty stamping and punching on ferrous metals.

Vanishing Oils

Iloform AW 30:
Medium duty multi metal stamping lubricant.

Iloform PN 201:
Suitable for light pressing and stamping operations for ferrous and non- ferrous metals.

Castrol Corrosion Preventives

Rustilo 150:
Long-term corrosion preventive, plastic film.

Rustilo DWX 10:
Dewatering fluid.

Rustilo DWX 21:
Short term dewatering protective, oily film.

Rustilo DWX 22:
Medium term dewatering protective, soft greasy film.

Rustilo DWX 30:
Medium term dewatering protective, greasy film.

Rustilo DWX 32:
Long term dewatering protective, greasy film.

Castrol Cleaner

Techniclean 200EF:
Heavy duty alkaline cleaner.

Techniclean SF:
Multi metal final spray wash cleaner.

Careclean PC:
de-aromatised solvent cleaner.

Techniclean MTC 43:
Machine tool and system cleaner.