Gear Oils

We provide a broad selection of both mineral and sythethic gear oils, covering the requirement of everything from standard industrial to the most severe applications, including wind turbines.  These products have been designed to operate in a wide variety of gear types.

Alpha SP Series  : Good load carrying capacity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, foam resistance, and wear protection (ISO 68-680)

Alphasyn T Series : High Temperature, gear & bearings with non-EP Performance.

Alphasyn PG Series : Medium to high load worm gear & spur gear as well as bearing and circulating system.

Alphasyn EP Series : A range of synthetic polyalphaolefin based lubricants with excellent extreme pressure properties for gearboxes operating under high temperature, load and vibration conditions.

Alpha SP 68 Mineral Mineral 68
ALPHA SP 100 Mineral Mineral 100
ALPHA SP 150 Mineral Mineral 150
ALPHA SP 220 Mineral Mineral 220
ALPHA SP 320 Mineral Mineral 320
ALPHA SP 460 Mineral Mineral 460
ALPHA SP 680 Mineral Mineral 680
ALPHASYN T 46 Fully Synthethic PAO 46
ALPHASYN T 68 Fully Synthethic PAO 68
ALPHASYN T 100 Fully Synthethic PAO 100
ALPHASYN T 150 Fully Synthethic PAO 150
ALPHASYN T 220 Fully Synthethic PAO 220
ALPHASYN PG 150 Fully Synthethic PAG 150
ALPHASYN PG 220 Fully Synthethic PAG 220
ALPHASYN EP 150 Fully Synthethic PAO 150
ALPHASYN EP 220 Fully Synthethic PAO 220
ALPHASYN EP 320 Fully Synthethic PAO 320
ALPHASYN EP 460 Fully Synthethic PAO 460