Soluble Coolants

Castrol Soluble Coolants

Clearedge 6519:
Semi synthetic metalworking fluid for grinding and machining of aluminium alloys and low medium alloyed steel.

Cooledge B.1:
High mineral oil containing soluble metalworking fluid for low medium alloy steel and aluminium alloys.

Hysol MB 50:
Semi synthetic, chlorine and sulphur free metalworking fluid specially designed to provide superior performance on aerospace and automotive aluminium.

Castrol Synthetic Coolants

Syntilo 9913:
A pH neutral heavy duty machining fluid suitable for most machining operations on aluminium alloys and other aerospace alloys.

Syntilo 9902:
Mineral oil free, metalworking fluid for general machining and grinding for ferrous metal.

Syntilo 1023:
Oil-dispersing, mineral oil free synthetic metalworking fluid for machining and grinding of ferrous materials. It is especially recommended for cast iron transfer lines. Its unique oil dispersing characteristic reduces corrosion and prevents clinkering.

Syntilo CR 90:
High performance, low foaming, mineral oil free synthetic metalworking fluid especially designed for tungsten carbide grinding with high resistance to cobalt leaching.

HYSOL MB 50 Semi-Synthetic
HYSOL 6519 Semi-Synthetic
SYNTILO 9913 Fully Synthetic
SYNTILO 77 EF Fully Synthetic
SYNTILO 9902 Fully Synthetic
SYNTILO 1023 Fully Synthetic
SYNTILO CR 90 Fully Synthetic