Corrosion Protective (Rust Protection)

Metal corrosion affects virtually everyone everyday.  Whenever base metals or related articles are produced, there is a risk of corrosion - and whenever this occurs, it cost money and eats into profits.  For many years, Castrol has focused on preventing corrosion and researching the causes.  Castrol can help HSE performance by using low aromatic, solvent free or water based products, providing temporary corrosion protection to industrial components or products during manufacture, transport, storage or assembly.

Rustilo DWX 10:
Dewatering fluid.

Rustilo DWX 21:
Short term dewatering protective, oily film.

Rustilo DWX 22:
Medium term dewatering protective, soft greasy film.

Rustilo DWX 30:
Medium term dewatering protective, greasy film.

Rustilo DWX 32:
Long term dewatering protective, greasy film.

RUSTILO DWX 10 Short Term Oily
RUSTILO DWX 21 Short Term Oily
RUSTILO DWX 22 Medium Term Soft Greasy
RUSTILO DWX 30 Medium Term Greasy
RUSTILO DWX 32 Long Term Greasy
RUSTILO 181 Long Term Hard Waxy